About Us

The objective of Greenleaf Extractions is to service the ingredient industry by making use of the wide variety of herbs and medicinal plants available in the Indian sub continent. With over 45000 different plant species, 16 different agro climatic zones, 25 biotic provinces and 426 biomes, India is the largest producer of aromatic and medicinal plants in the globe.
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Greenleaf Extractions products are made to meet the world quality standards by implementing state-of-the-art technology to cater to the needs of our clientele globally. With an edge to ensure international standards to our products and customers specific needs, we are bound to maintain process competency, Quality analysis and purity of raw materials used.
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Now a days there are so many different methods using for extracting essential oils from herbs and spices. According to the nature of the process, the extracting methods may vary in order to suit the character of the product.   At Greenleaf Extractions, we stick on to the most reliable quality checks that starts right from the sourcing of herbs and spices.
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